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Highly experienced

Wisdom’s core technology team has been engaged in the new energy industry formore than 10 years


Wisdom technology has an experienced, professional and efficient independent design and development, manufacturing, quality control management team, to provide product life cycle development services


Wisdom’s technology team account for 40%of the total number of office staff, having innovative R&D ability and technology transformation ability

Strong production capacity

Wisdom technology has a modern intelligent production plant of more than 9000 square meters, with an annual output of more than 300,000 sets of lithium battery packs

Household energy storage system VENUS-X 5.12kWh / 7.68kWh module

cycle life over 6000 times
10 years warranty
Support phase-splitting & parallel
24-hour APP monitoring

Energy Storage Integrated Machine Flexible battery configuration

New energy is attracting more and more people's attention and favor. Household energy storage system not only solves the stable demand for electricity, but also uses the peak-valley price difference to reduce electricity cost, improve the self-use rate of photovoltaic power generation and other functions. It is an integrated solution for household use scenarios.

WAII VENUS-BAT Capacity 5.12KWH / 10.24KWH module

cycle life over 6000 times
Compatible with major brands of inverters on the market
Plug & play.

Easy to install, simple design, perfect for a variety of residential styles. The compact integrated design enables diverse installation of indoor or outdoor

Hunan Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. focusing on the development and application of new energy battery system technology, the company is committed to becoming the world's leading green energy system services provider, providing users with safer and more reliable intelligent micro-grid energy storage system solutions.

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Energy storage is a great addition to your solar electricity sys

Energy storage is a great addition to your solar electricity sys

In the last two months, our workshop has been very busy, many European customers choose our all-in-one energy storage system and battery pack! We ensure high quality and fast production and delivery time......

Hunan Wisdom Technology signed energy storage system procurement

Hunan Wisdom Technology signed energy storage system procurement

Recently, Hunan Wisdom Technology signed an energy storage system procurement contract with an japanese new energy company in Kawasaki......

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