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    Industrial and commercial energy storage solutions

    Your energy storage needs will be responded and satisfied in the first time. We provide a maximum output power of 3MW and a storage capacity of 6MWh to support industrial, agricultural, and commercial use. Even if it is off-grid or power outage, it can still achieve non-stop and uninterrupted power through the energy storage power station.

    High security

    · Lithium phosphoric acid core with high thermal stability is used

    ·IP55 protection grade to meet outdoor application requirements

    ·C5 anticorrosive, 20 years of reliability

    · Prevention oriented fire fighting strategy with independent fire fighting system


    Advanced batteries with longest cycle life of the cell Up to 12,000 cycles

    · Integrated efficient liquid cooling system, temperature difference inside container < 5℃

    High integration

    T· Modular design, 1000V/1500V system

    · Electrical and battery separation design, easy maintenance

    · Non-walk-in/modular highly integrated design, saving 35% of floor space

    · Prefabricated compartment installation scheme, reducing on-site installation costs and debugging timeduring peak time.

    WISDOM POWER Industrial and commercial energy storage solutions

    The energy storage system provides storage and output management for the power side. Electrochemical energy storage technology and renewable energy generation technology form a joint system. With good consistency of the cell and strong computing capability of the battery management system (BMS), the power supply side can restore the power grid stability To optimize the output curve of power generation, reduce wind and light abandonment, provide system inertia and frequency and peak regulation and other functions to improve renewable energy power generation To optimize the energy structure.

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