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    Scientists discovered key to safer energy storage devices

    Back10 May 2022

    The researchers discovered key changes in the thermal properties of energy storage devices during operation, paving the way for better thermal management. Modern energy storage devices, such as supercapacitors and batteries, have highly temperature-dependent properties. If a piece of equipment gets too hot, it is prone to "thermal runaway".
    "Thermal runaway" -- or uncontrolled overheating -- can eventually lead to a dangerous explosion or fire. In order for equipment to operate stably and safely, a sensible thermal management strategy is required.
    Recently, researchers from Gwangju University of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea investigated the thermal properties of electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs), a type of supercapacitor with high power and long life, laying a technical foundation for thermal measurements and revealing Important information. 
    The research team conducted experiments in situ (under static conditions) and in operation (during charging). They found that the temperatures of the positive and negative electrodes changed by 0.92% and 0.42%, respectively, during charging, which corresponded to 9.14% and 3.91% reductions in their respective heat capacities. "
    "An important aspect of this study is that charging and discharging also change the heat capacity of the EDLC," said Professor Seol. "These findings will expand our understanding of the fundamental thermophysics of EDLCs."
    In fact, these results can be considered an important step towards effective thermal management strategies in the future, which will create safer and more reliable energy storage devices.
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