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    The battery cascade utilization has no future in the commercial application of energy storage

    Back06 May 2022
    Professor Tang Yougen from Central South University has unique insights into battery cascade utilization. Retired batteries can be recycled as resources, but cascade utilization has no prospects for commercial applications. He said that from a commercial point of view, the cascade utilization of batteries will not be considered. First, the performance of the battery is seriously attenuated after normal retirement, there are not many batteries that can be used, and the screening cost will not be too low. At present, the only use of ladder batteries in China is the use of communication backup power. Because these power supplies have a limited number of uses, they should be replaced every 3-5 years even if they are not used. "Second, the probability of fire and failure of cascade batteries is much higher." Tang Yougen explained why it is so certain. From the perspective of battery chemistry, the service life of the first 20% capacity decay of lithium batteries may reach 80% to 90% of the entire battery life; the last 80% of the battery capacity will drop off a cliff.
    Household energy storage has high requirements on the failure rate and safety of batteries, and it is impossible for battery cascade utilization to be successful in energy storage. Generally speaking, energy storage batteries need thousands to tens of thousands of times of life, and cascade batteries are far from reach.

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